September 22, 2023.

Cottage to Castle Home Inspection Services

One year ago today I closed a chapter in my life, my home inspection phase has been over for a year. It’s hard to believe it has only been one year. So much has happened in the last 12 months. It feels like 5 years! That story is for this next chapter and another post.

If you choose to continue following my journey, you will learn all about what I have going on now and moving forward. The bottom of this post has links to my present businesses, if you want to stay around for the next chapter give my other pages a like.

First and most importantly I want to thank all of C2C’s past clients. We had an AMAZING 8.5 years serving all 8500 of you!!!

I wanted to share our final report card here. I am very proud of all that our C2C family has accomplished in the short time we were together.


8500 Residential and Commercial Inspections

721 Google Reviews 4.9 Star rating

438 Facebook Reviews 5.0 Rating

530 Individual Realtor referring partners (Thank you so much!)

15 Employee Experiences that I will cherish forever

5 Certified Master Inspectors (We will remain CMI’s for life, thanks Nick)

6 times that we spoke to our insurer

3 times they paid out (against my wishes)

1 Trademark Registration Cottage to Castle®

A Lifetime of memories and relationships that I will cherish forever.


I want to pass along a special thank you to Kim Pluim for allowing me to carry on from Dan’s First chapter of Cottage to Castle. I feel good about the job I did and I know my buddy Dan is proud of the work we have done. I never thought I would take off that logo with Dan front and centre.

I am proud of what Cottage to Castle® did for the home inspection industry in our local markets. We raised the bar and we left it in better shape than when I found it in 2014.

I am proud to have carried on with Dan’s company name in what was the 2nd chapter of Cottage to Castle.

I am confident that you will hear the name Cottage to Castle® again… never know when a chapter 3 will happen.

At Cottage to Castle® we always said;

“We are a customer service company first, we just happen to do home inspections.”

I am very fortunate to have 2 other Amazing teams that follow that same principle.

It makes sense, I LOVE customer service and serving others is my WHY.

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The Radon Repair team is made of of C2C Allstars;

Douglas has been with me since the beginning. 8 years ago today we took this picture on Doug’s very first inspection September 22, 2015.

Corry-Lynn has helped to hold us all together these last 3 years through all of our changes.

Terry has been a fixture at RR for 2 years, his anniversary was 2 days ago!

It is obvious that Radon Repair has the DNA of C2C built into it’s framework. Come follow us, the next 10 years are going to be a fun ride!

What are you Breathing? We can help you test Your home for Radon.

Sean and his team at are doing an Amazing job for our clients. Follow our WW team, they have a bright future.

WindowWorld We Install Quality.

Coming Soon —

The Radon Report Check out my new Facebook page with updates and website coming soon.

Peace, Love, Rainbows and Smiles!

Love one another.

Thank you Jeannette.

I couldn’t have done this without you by my side.

Love you.


Jeff was very thorough and went through the inspection report step by step, offering helpful suggestions and providing trusted contacts that made me feel confident in my home purchase.

Thanks, again!

Lisa Baxter

I would like some of your cards. I miss you in real estate as I think had you ever become an official manager you would have done great things but I’m glad you’re at least still part of the process;). You encouraged me last year which I truly appreciated and I’ll certainly do whatever I can to help you along the way:)
Amy Hiltz - Royal LePage Atlantic

First time dealing with a home inspector and it was a very easy and pleasant experience. Received a VERY detailed inspection the same day with lots of pictures and terms that were easy to understand. I would definitely recommend him to others!
André Boudreau

Thank you for your help in the inspection.  You gave me a detailed information on what I need to know about the house and the problems that needed my attention.  I will surely refer you to my friends and even to anyone who needs your services.